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Test for Malic Acid in Wine

Monitor Malic Acid to determine malolactic

fermentation (MLF) progress or completion

Quick Test


Test for D & L - Lactic Acid


Monitor for Bacterial Contamination in Tomato

Paste,Tomatoes, Juice, and Sauce


Wine Test


Tests for Acid Levels in Fruits

Tests for: Cider, Apples, Pears; Table Grapes; Tomatoes; etc

Monitor the acid level to optimize acid/sugar balance, and maximize storage shelf life.

Food Tests

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What We Offer

We Offer

Easy To Use

1. Easy To Use
No equipment set up necessary.
No sample preparation required.
Calibrated samplers ensure proper volumes for each wine test.
Everything needed is included in each wine test kit to help you manage your wine making process.

Immediate Results

2. Immediate Results
Answers in 1 to 5 minutes
No waiting for wine lab results
Easy to read colorimetric tests



3. Economical
  • No Lab Equipment Required
  • No Equipment Set Up Required
  • No Training Required
  • Accuvin tests ARE your wine lab.
Your Personal Wine Lab: Monitoring Malolactic Fermentation
follow us

Header Address

Accuvin, LLC
P.O. Box 5328
Napa, CA 94581