About Us

ACCUVIN was born during the crush of 1999 when its founder, Mike Miller, prepared to bring in the first harvest in his new Cabernet Sauvignon hillside vineyard. Mike looked for tests similar to the tests he had been manufacturing for the last 30 years for the medical field: easy, accurate, inexpensive tests that did not require laboratory equipment or training. Everywhere he looked, he could not find any simple tests to tell him when his grapes were ripe. The only option to get accurate readings was to take your grapes to a lab, but, as every good wine owner knows, the sugar level would change enough before the results came back, making them useless! When he could not find a good way to make an informed data based decision in the field, he decided to make one.

That was the very simple beginning of the saga that is ACCUVIN.

A world-wide survey brought a huge response confirming his ideas that such tests would be welcome. Survey answers along with talks with winemakers and vineyard managers as well as reading texts, periodicals, and manuals gave an idea of which tests were most desired and at what levels.

Removing the red color interferences so all tests could be quickly done without any preparation to the sample or test was accomplished the first year as well.

Requests for other tests led to the application of our technology to food and beverage harvesting and manufacturing as well.

One of ACCUVIN’s earliest mottos is “We do the Chemistry, you do the Magic”. Knowing what is going on in your wine enables you to lead it where you want it to go with the greatest possible success. For over 20 years, ACCUVIN products have been utilized and trusted for their accuracy globally.